Time for Your Clients to Review How They Performance Review

30 August, 2023

Performance review

Performance reviews are a critical part of the employee experience (EX). From the employee’s perspective, it’s an opportunity to obtain recognition and additional compensation. For organizations, it’s a chance to set expectations and deliver constructive feedback that leads to enhanced performance....

4 Ways Your Clients Benefit from Intelligently Connected Benefits Enrollment Technology

09 August, 2023

Person holding 4 fingers

Open enrollment dread is nothing new. You’ve likely read the click-bait headlines: “Nearly half of employees would rather talk to an ex or walk on coals than complete open enrollment.” Despite the availability of technology and employer resources, open enrollment continues to be a tedious and time-c...

Close More Summer Deals – Focus on Employee Experience

13 June, 2023

Woman at the beach

As the temperature rises and time off takes priority, it’s important for your sales team to remain vigilant. Because, unfortunately when the weather warms up, many prospects go cold. To keep up the momentum during the summer months, it’s important for your team to focus on what’s top of mind for pro...

Top 3 Stressors Keeping Your Customers Up at Night

18 May, 2023

Man with question marks

Your customers have experienced a significant amount of stress and strain in the last few years. From the onset of the pandemic to the Great Resignation and a flurry of challenges in between, employers have endured excessive pressure. As a result, they’re looking for ways to overcome business challe...

Where will your clients’ tech dollars go in 2023?

31 March, 2023

Cell phone and money

For the past three years, isolved has surveyed HR leaders to gain insight into industry challenges and opportunities. One of the most significant takeaways from this year’s survey is how the role of HR continues to rise in importance. In fact, 83 percent said their team is considered a strategic par...