In the iSolved Marketplace, you’ll find a collection of add-on modules that help create the ideal solution for your client. Add these services to handle each client’s individual needs and enhance the platform.

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Hire: Helps your clients expand and improve their hiring process while connecting employees in an engaging and positive way. iSolved Hire includes applicant tracking and onboarding.

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Mojo: iSolved with Mojo is the business solution that delivers on the promise of a better work life. It provides a personalized dashboard, lively feed wall, tools for idea and knowledge sharing, pulse surveys, and ways to award points and praise team members. iSolved with Mojo can boost collaboration and improve your clients’ engagement, which is a key to business success.

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Managed Benefit Services: Access to benefits administration, delivered by a company with over 30 years of experience. Benefits include COBRA, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Transportation & Parking, and more! iSolved also has 650 carrier connections for easier communication of life events, dependents, and other critical data.

Learn: Gives you the power of a learning management system (LMS) within iSolved University. Your clients can create and track online training, personalized for their business. Learning is self-paced and includes gamification elements to keep learners engaged. Also includes a content library of award-winning courses that cover a wide variety of topic areas.

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Add iSolved Legal to help your clients better stay in compliance with the ever-changing tangle of regulations.

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Payroll + Benefits Enrollment + Time & Attendance + Human Resources data all in one platform and ready for access. You'll love having your important, commonly needed, mission-critical employee data in one place.

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"Our representative has conducted two demos for our team in the past week and she is a rock star. Her knowledge of iSolved is superior, but it is her real life experience as an HR administrator and her incredible preparation for each call that makes her truly exceptional. She connects with our prospects in a way that they respect because they understand that she has walked a day in their shoes."