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What Your Clients Really Want from Their HCM Solution

31 March, 2022

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With over 85 vendors in the marketplace today, small to mid-sized businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to human capital management (HCM) solutions. If their current provider isn’t meeting their needs, there are plenty of others waiting in the wings. And chances are they are being solicited...

How to Deal with Unthinkable, Inevitable Security Breaches

03 May, 2021

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For the longest time, Europeans believed that all swans were white. So much so that the existence of a black swan was felt to symbolize all that was impossible.  That was until in the mid-17th Century, when Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh came across black swans in Western Australia.  So...

What Should You Expect from An HCM Provider?

16 February, 2021

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The top reason why businesses will be looking to switch their professional employer organization (PEO),  administrative service organization (ASO) or payroll provider in the next 12 months is because of a need for broader human resources (HR) technology. This data, from isolved’s Tran...

Your Clients May Be Shopping and Your HR Technology Could Be the Reason

09 February, 2021

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Half of businesses are considering changing the professional employer organization (PEO) they are working with in the next 12 months, while 41 percent are considering swapping their administrative service organization (ASO). The top reason for those looking to make a switch? The need for a broader H...