3 Reasons Your Clients Need a Learning Management System

Tuesday November 30th, 2021

Twenty-one percent of employees feel like their employer doesn’t support their professional development according to research from isolved’s Voice of the Workforce report. The top way they would like to be supported? By being provided educational opportunities through a learning management system (LMS).

Training employees without the right supporting technology is challenging, especially for businesses with dispersed workforces. By offering an LMS that integrates with core human resources (HR) processes, you can expand your service bureau’s offerings, while also helping your clients deliver a better employee experience (EX).

Here are three reasons why an integrated LMS can be a monumental benefit to your clients:

Integration Creates a Better Employee Experience

Employees need a simple solution that doesn't require them to bend over backward to complete their training. This means multi-device capability, single log-in capabilities and a simplified view of their required training materials. By integrating an LMS with their HR software, your clients can enable their employees to access training easily whether on or offline, in the office, at home or out in the field. This places more focus on the actual training and eliminates barriers that prevent efficient learning and development.

LMS + HCM = Better Performance Conversations

With isolved, your clients’ managers can gain much better insight into how employees are performing and adjust their performance milestones based on current and historical data. As employees complete training, managers can log in and review what has been completed, what is lacking, and create development plans based on relevant information. This better equips managers with the tools to do their job, which is to offer support and guidance to their teams in the pursuit of the organization's goals.

Integration Leads to Efficiency and Cost Savings

Without an integrated LMS, your clients’ HR teams are unable to take an active role in the long-term success of each employee. Furthermore, inputting data manually from one system to another requires a considerable amount of time that could be better spent on strategic initiatives. With an integration between LMS and HR, your clients can reduce costs and operate more efficiently as there are fewer errors and more readily available information at hand.

Keeping Clients – and Employees – Happy

Offering an integrated LMS to your clients can not only help you earn more business, but also help your clients develop talent from within while improving employee experience. That’s a win for you, your clients and their workforce.

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Kelli Rico

VP, Product Management & Training