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Giving & Volunteering

Help your clients attract top talent while making a positive social impact

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Today's employees want to engage with companies they admire. This means that to hire and retain the best talent, employers need to look to develop a corporate social responsibility program, or expand an existing one. 

As an isolved Network Partner, you can equip your clients with the tools to foster a purposeful and impactful business culture through strong employee engagement and social initiatives with isolved Giving & Volunteering.

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Help Clients of All Sizes Initiate & Manage Corporate Philanthropy

isolved Giving & Volunteering attracts talented candidates who want to connect with their communities through direct donations and volunteerism with charitable causes. It is also a great way for your non-profit clients to get their cause in front of thousands of potential supporters. isolved Giving & Volunteering can help your business and your clients:

  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Increase employee engagement & productivity
  • Improve brand awareness & reputation
  • Leverage tax savings
  • Make individual giving simple and fun

isolved People Cloud is the only HCM software offering an intelligently connected giving & volunteering solution providing yet another way you will differentiate yourself from the competition when you join the isolved Network.

Give your clients a system that can do more. Join the Network!