What being an isolved Network Partner means to our partners

“The support and resources available via the Network – from sales and marketing to training and legislative – separate isolved from the competition. We have a true partnership with isolved and one that will help us anticipate and adapt to the future of work.”

Larry Balliere, CEO, ContempoHCM, LLC.

“isolved has done an absolutely phenomenal job with the COVID-19-related reporting and processes. The team has really delivered and we have received several unsolicited emails and phone calls from our clients thanking us for being so on top of the situation. We owe much of that to isolved – we appreciate the hard work.”

Greg, President and CEO of PCS HCM

“isolved provided Payroll Network the opportunity to transition from a traditional independent payroll provider to a true human capital management partner for our clients. The full suite of HR technology solutions, in a seamlessly unified solution, allows us to enable real process and efficiency improvements for our clients through the entire employee life cycle. This has enabled us to move up market, be more consultative, and create client stickiness by being an extension of our clients, not just a vendor. The combination of robust HCM technology and the differentiating service offering of a local independent provider truly is the best of both worlds.”

Joe Young, EVP, Payroll Network

“We have been really impressed with the speed at which things have been developed and available for use through interim releases. isolved stepped up its game with providing Partners the information and tools we needed to help our clients. We've gotten a number of great emails from clients thanking us for helping them get their information quickly to secure their loans and help their employees.”

Melissa, VP at TPC

“DynamicHR always strives to be different and being part of the isolved Network enables us to continue that tradition. Our clients appreciate having access to a single platform that requires only one user login to manage hiring, payroll, HR, benefits, talent and more. As an isolved Network partner, we are better positioned to compete and win against national providers that do not offer the breadth of capabilities or service that DynamicHR does.”

David Carlesimo, President, DynamicHR

“The reporting that isolved has built throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly become the gold standard in the HCM industry, especially as to how it relates to the FFCRA and the Cares Act. The reporting built within isolved includes everything our clients need to handle the situation, which isn't the case with other payroll software companies.”

Jim, Partner at Savant HCM

Case Studies

Coastal Payroll

Fast-Growing Company Coastal Payroll Helps Customers Navigate Complex Government Regulations

A founding isolved Network Partner, Coastal Payroll provides employers with a full suite of human resource management services. The California-based workforce management company is a local alternative to national payroll companies and has a reputation for responsiveness and connectivity – particularly critical during massive change be it Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

95 employees

Industry: Payroll Services

Products: isolved People Cloud

6 Years

consecutively named an INC. 5000 Fast-Growing Company.

50% Uplift in Sales

with isolved.

2500+ Customers

helped with ACA compliance.

Shortly after Coastal Payroll switched to isolved as its human capital management (HCM) vendor, the network partnership was put to the test with widesweeping healthcare reform, in the form of the Affordable Care Act. With isolved's intelligently connected HCM platform serving the mission-criticial needs of its customers technologically speaking, Coastal Payroll could focus on providing its expertise to its over 2,700 customers on how to navigate new waters.

“We were, and remain, the go-to experts on ACA,” said Jonathan Gallagher, CEO of Coastal Payroll. “We enabled brokers to manage ACA on their own by teaching them about the laws. As a result of the educational arm of Coastal Payroll, we grew our sales by 50 percent the year after ACA was passed. We used isolved to accelerate sales then, and we are using isolved to accelerate sales now. Today during the pandemic, we're helping businesses stay open when their physical doors have been shut.”

No local business was immune to the negative impacts of the 2020-2021 global health crisis. Coastal Payroll once again demonstrated its agility and ability to react to new regulations by guiding customers through the complex process of applying for the Paycheck Protection Program, a government loan incentivizing small businesses to keep their workers on their payroll. When the time came, Coastal Payroll also helped customers identify and apply for loan forgiveness. The company did this through daily town hall sessions and connecting with customers as needed – all by immersing themselves in every change that occurred during the pandemic to help customers maintain business continuity.

“If you think about what happened in April 2020, everything we know about paid sick leave, FMLA and payroll changed overnight,” said Gallagher. “Take Emergency FMLA for example. When the government essentially said, ‘hey small businesses, you can give your employees 80 hours of sick leave and you'll get paid for it in form of a tax credit, but we need to know your monthly costs?,' we turned around that service for employees in a matter of days. We were able to do this because of the ease with which the isolved platform generates these kinds of reports and provides a dashboard for compliance and potential exposure alerts.”

Access to employer data within isolved People Cloud made it easier for Coastal Payroll to pull key data required for Emergency Paid Sick, EFMLA, PPP applications and PPP loan forgiveness.

“isolved People Cloud is a unique offering,” said Gallagher. “The largest HCM providers don't have the hundreds of service centers around the U.S. like isolved and its network partners do. When you get an elite group of network partners together, all offering the same technology, we help accelerate the development of isolved and the usability of the experience the technology provides. The isolved-Coastal Payroll relationship is a win for our customers, the continuous development of the platform and the payroll industry.”

Evidence of the benefits derived from the isolved and Coastal Payroll relationship have been demonstrated in multiple ways. For starters, Coastal Payroll is an INC. 5000 Fast-Growing Company for six consecutive years which aligns with its partnership with isolved. More importantly, employers and their employees benefit from isolved software and Coastal Payroll service – see The Brigantine story:

One of the most beloved restaurant groups in San Diego, The Brigantine – and its 1,300 employees – relied on Coastal Payroll during extensive stay-at-home orders in California during the 2020-2021 pandemic. The company was forced to close in-person dining for many months at a time, resulting in wide-ranging revenue losses.

“Like many restaurants in the country, the very popular Brigantine restaurant group had to shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions,” said Gallagher. “The second-generation business needed to survive months of closures. Coastal Payroll was able to get the information they needed to apply for PPP and then apply for forgiveness. We used isolved to access the data needed to make that happen. The owner tells us isolved and the reports we created saved them a ton of time and were very helpful.”

This wasn't the first time Coastal Payroll stepped in to help the restauranteur. The Brigantine switched from ADP to Coastal Payroll many years ago after ADP was unable to answer questions regarding ACA. In addition to getting the company where it needed to be for ACA compliance, Coastal Payroll helped them make incredible digital advancements to move off paper-based processing.

While no one would have predicted the economic and health hardships that COVID-19 brought on, isolved People Cloud provides peace of mind that the technology is future proofed through a single source of workforce management truth to get network partners like Coastal Payroll the information their customers need, exactly when they need it.

You can become part of the isolved Network and take advantage of the many benefits that come with delivering this powerful, robust platform to your customers.