What our partners are saying about us right now

“isolved has done an absolutely phenomenal job with the COVID-19-related reporting and processes. The team has really delivered and we have received several unsolicited emails and phone calls from our clients thanking us for being so on top of the situation. We owe much of that to isolved – we appreciate the hard work.”

Greg, President and CEO of PCS HCM

“We have been really impressed with the speed at which things have been developed and available for use through interim releases. isolved stepped up its game with providing Partners the information and tools we needed to help our clients. We've gotten a number of great emails from clients thanking us for helping them get their information quickly to secure their loans and help their employees.”

Melissa, VP at TPC

“The reporting that isolved has built throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has quickly become the gold standard in the HCM industry, especially as to how it relates to the FFCRA and the Cares Act. The reporting built within isolved includes everything our clients need to handle the situation, which isn't the case with other payroll software companies.”

Jim, Partner at Savant HCM

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