Close More Summer Deals – Focus on Employee Experience

Tuesday June 13th, 2023

As the temperature rises and time off takes priority, it’s important for your sales team to remain vigilant. Because, unfortunately when the weather warms up, many prospects go cold.

To keep up the momentum during the summer months, it’s important for your team to focus on what’s top of mind for prospects. According to our research, one hot topic that remains high priority is the employee experience (EX).


Engagement, essential for attracting and retaining talent, is a sore spot for employers. According to our recent HR Trends Report, more than half of the employees surveyed said they felt less or about the same level of engagement as last year. Employers are reacting by investing in tools and resources to boost EX. In fact, according to our HR Leaders Report, 91 percent of organizations are prioritizing it this year.

So, what can employers do to engage their workforces? We asked employees what they want, and three responses stand out: collaboration, learning and empowerment. Focus your efforts on how your human capital management (HCM) solution can satisfy these expectations and watch your sales heat up this summer.

Give ‘Em What They Want

#1 Collaboration tools for more effective communication

With the popularity of remote and hybrid work, many employees feel they have lost the ability to connect with coworkers and their overall organization. That’s likely why more than a quarter of employees want access to tools to help them connect with their teams.

Sales angle: Not all HCM systems are created equal. Robust technology with employee engagement platforms provides a place for employees to share, connect and learn through collaboration. Communication feeds allow teams to stay aligned with colleagues and projects. Performance management tools enable employees to communicate with their manager and collaborate toward achieving big picture goals.

#2 More opportunities to develop their skills

Nearly a quarter of employees say a greater commitment to learning and development is the number one way their employer could boost engagement.

Sales angle: Learning management systems (LMS) make training for all employees accessible and trackable. Employers can customize learning paths and content for different groups or teams, while employees can access the courses online, and at their own pace. There are many solutions on the market. Having an LMS that’s integrated within the HCM platform just makes sense. When employees can access training from the same system they use for basic HR tasks, the experience is streamlined.

#3 Self-service HR tools

Every interaction an employee has with their employer impacts EX. Employees crave simplicity and want to take control of their employment. 12 percent of employees say they would like their employer to engage them by increasing the amount of self-service HR tools.

Sales angle: With self-service features employees can accomplish HR tasks like onboarding, accessing pay stubs, electing benefits, taking training courses and collaborating with co-workers without needing to call HR. The employee experience is enhanced while the HR burden is alleviated. A win/win for employee and employer.

Get the technology that (practically) sells itself

isolved People Cloud is an intelligently connected HR, benefits and payroll solution that transforms EX. As good as it is, we understand there’s more to consider when growing your client base. That’s why all isolved Network partners have access to comprehensive sales and marketing support and dedicated teams focused on helping you Win More and Grow Faster.

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Susan Prebola

Content Marketing Manager