What Should You Expect from An HCM Provider?

16 February, 2021

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The top reason why businesses will be looking to switch their professional employer organization (PEO),  administrative service organization (ASO) or payroll provider in the next 12 months is because of a need for broader human resources (HR) technology. This data, from isolved’s Tran...

Your Clients May Be Shopping and Your HR Technology Could Be the Reason

09 February, 2021

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Half of businesses are considering changing the professional employer organization (PEO) they are working with in the next 12 months, while 41 percent are considering swapping their administrative service organization (ASO). The top reason for those looking to make a switch? The need for a broader H...

3 Tips to Protect Your PEO from Fraud

19 January, 2021

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Even before the pandemic, professional employer organizations (PEOs) were at high risk for payroll fraud. The uncertainty brought on by COVID-19, however, could lead to a rise – with research suggesting that fraud tends to increase during times of economic instability. This means that PEOs...

Evaluating 2020: What Worked?

05 January, 2021

The New Year has arrived and there are big expectations for 2021: from predictions that there will be a rising need for applicant tracking software, to forecasts that employee engagement will be a top HR trend. While predictions and trend forecasts are certainly something to keep...

3 PEO Predictions for 2021

22 December, 2020

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A year of uncertainty has made one thing certain – business changes that were made as a result of the pandemic will surely influence business decisions going forward.  These changes included a renewed appreciation for professional employer organizations (PEOs). This is because the challenges br...