3 Ways for PEOs to Win More Business

02 June, 2021

As small- or medium-sized businesses, your prospective clients may have encountered obstacles when considering and evaluating professional employer organizations (PEO). Concerns about pricing transparency, employee experience and the downplaying of earned success could all be standing in their way o...

How to Talk to Your Clients About Applicant Tracking

10 May, 2021

Applicant tracking is a crucial component for organizations that wish to create more efficiency in their new talent hiring process. With the right software in place, your clients can automate otherwise manual and time-consuming tasks as they move applicants from one stage of the recruitmen...

How to Deal with Unthinkable, Inevitable Security Breaches

03 May, 2021

Black swan around white swans

For the longest time, Europeans believed that all swans were white. So much so that the existence of a black swan was felt to symbolize all that was impossible.  That was until in the mid-17th Century, when Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh came across black swans in Western Australia.  So...

Helping Clients Achieve Their 2021 Goals with HR Tech

05 April, 2021

Someone clicking on Goals on a screen

Nearly half of businesses are looking to switch service bureaus within the next year according to data from isolved’s Transforming Employee Experience report. The driving force behind those who are looking to make a change is the need for a broader technology platform. Technology plays a critic...

From Hire to Retire: Helping Clients Provide a Positive Employee Experience

02 March, 2021

Person holding a round piece of paper with a happy face on it

Employee experience is a top priority for 92 percent of organizations this year according to data from isolved’s Transforming Employee Experience Report.  This means it’s more important than ever for service bureaus – like administrative service organizations (ASOs), professional employer...