How to Talk to Your Clients About Applicant Tracking

Monday May 10th, 2021

Applicant tracking is a crucial component for organizations that wish to create more efficiency in their new talent hiring process. With the right software in place, your clients can automate otherwise manual and time-consuming tasks as they move applicants from one stage of the recruitment process to another. By tracking data and progress, your clients can develop a better understanding of the steps involved in candidate selection and create a faster and more seamless strategy for finding top talent and filling open positions. There are a few things you can discuss with your clients to help them understand the benefits of implementing applicant tracking and hiring software.

Help Define Current Processes

Begin by helping your clients define existing hiring processes to identify current strategies. There will likely be aspects that work for them, and those they want or need to improve. If speed is an issue, for example, an applicant tracking system (ATS) could help them to fill positions faster and enhance overall productivity. Identifying this information now will help you find the right angle, and ultimately the right way that you can help. Then you can begin to explain what an ATS does and how it can be effective in solving existing issues.

What Does Effective Applicant Tracking Look Like?

Automated Processes

Manually executing administrative actions such as rejection emails, interview scheduling and job offer creation/approval eat up valuable time. An ATS automates these regular processes, freeing up time and adding an attractive speed factor.

Simplified Tracking for Qualified Candidates

Your clients should ensure the ATS they select provides automated job posting and tracking to help them quickly locate qualified candidates that match the desired skill set and characteristics. Having the ability to track each applicant throughout the hiring process and to quickly locate a specific candidate are other key features to streamline hiring and recruiting.

Easily Exchange Feedback on Employees

To maximize return on investment (ROI), an ATS should enable managers and recruitment personnel to easily exchange feedback on various candidates and keep organized notes within the system. It should also provide easy access to key information such as job history and education for faster decision making.

Providing a Superior Candidate Experience

An efficient ATS can help to improve the overall candidate experience, meaning that higher-quality candidates will spend the time to complete full applications and be left with a good first impression. Efficient application forms, job descriptions, and data input can help shorten the process without missing key information.

Data Tracking

Collecting and storing all application data within the ATS means that your clients can pull reports at any time or migrate data to other tracking applications. This can help them evaluate current processes and continue to make improvements over time while also ensuring compliance.

Kelli Rico

VP, Product Management & Training at isolved