ATS Hiring: Streamline Hiring Processes for your Clients with Applicant Tracking Software

Securing dependable employees that are the right fit for a business can be a difficult process that involves a lot of time, energy, and expense. isolved’s Attract & Hire applicant tracking software, enables your clients to eliminate common difficulties and delays and streamline the hiring process with dedicated ATS software solutions.

Benefits of Offering Applicant Tracking Software

As a partner in the isolved Network, you can offer your clients access to a broader HCM solution that includes applicant tracking. This means you can meet your clients HR technology needs – now and as they grow – providing the competitive advantage you need to protect and grow your business. Your clients will appreciate having a single source platform to manage the entire employee lifecycle, starting with recruiting and hiring!

Enhanced Experience for Both Recruiter and Candidate

Attract & Hire provides your clients with an applicant tracking system that enables them to fill positions quickly with individuals who are best suited to perform. It offers more than just the ability to fill a seat – our ATS software solution enhances the overall experience for both the candidate and your clients’ HR or recruitment team to ensure better results for all. Here’s how:

  • Simplified Processes. Posting to multiple job boards can be done easily with just one click and enable any business to spread the word quickly across various platforms.
  • Fast, automated features. Hiring and HR manages can more quickly and easily keep the right applicants engaged throughout the application and onboarding process.
  • Data Tracking Applicant information and job history, as well as compliance and eligibility for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) can be tracked seamlessly.

Considering that over 60% of potential candidates don’t complete their online applications, your client’s business needs a better method for applicant tracking and hiring that promotes engagement in the earliest stages of the hiring process. As part of the Network, you can offer clients and prospects access to an ATS Software Solution that provides technology and support to ensure that the right candidates are found and drawn into a company’s application mechanism.

Become a Network Partner and Offer Clients Applicant Tracking Software Plus Much More

The applicant and tracking tools built into isolved’s Attract & Hire can help your clients reduce the time spent on talent acquisition, identify the right candidate for the position, and ensure that they are able to make an offer before the competition has the opportunity.

When partnering with the isolved Network, you leverage the ability to give your clients access to a unified human capital management platform that covers all their human resource needs and allows you to dominate the competition.

We value our partners and understand their success is our success. We offer robust back office functionality, sales and marketing support, and hands-on training, all to give you a competitive advantage.

Learn more about the isolved Network and how we can help you grow your business while developing a true partnership.