HCM solutions have recently gone from nice-to-have to necessity.

Now is a great time to partner with the isolved Network as an HCM service provider.

Here's what to know before choosing your HCM platform and partner.

Human capital management solutions (HCMs) are...

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a huge improvement over separate HR tools and disconnected data. Today's HCM software solutions integrate all people management functions and employee info into a single environment.

One HCM platform, one login, one data set to manage payroll, time, benefits — everything HR.

With today's fast-changing workforce and so many extreme business challenges, technology for HCM service providers has quickly escalated from competitive advantage to mission critical for employers.

HCM solutions can be game-changing because...

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productivity, innovation, retention...pretty much every human-resource KPI goes up when workforces feel well cared for. HCM solutions elevate the employee experience from hire to retire.

They streamline and simplify processes for admins, automating daily tasks, driving efficiencies, and saving companies lots of money. And HCM solutions improve data quality and help to ensure regulatory compliance.

But beware, not all HCM software solutions are equal. Many are mix-and-match conglomerations of acquired technology and Frankenstein bolt-ons. These "solutions" can be more headache then help.

isolved became the loved and leading HCM by...

being the industry's most work-lifechanging HCM platform.

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More Complete

All traditional HR tools, plus productivity-boosting engagement, collaboration, remote working, performance tracking, rewards & recognition (and way more).

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Truly Seamless

An extensive yet homogenous set of HR tools built on single source code, so every feature & function feels familiar and lives within one user-friendly UI with unified data.

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Totally Flexible

A-la-carte access to every HCM human resources tool makes isolved extremely customizable and scalable. You use (and pay for) only what you need.

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Super Smart

Cloud based, futureproof, and always current to keep your business on the forefront of people management. Plus online, mobile and everywhere your people are.

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Fully Proven

Every day, over 145,000 employers and 5,000,000 happy users prove that isolved makes the most of every companies' most valuable asset — people.

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We help clients like yours rapidly expand their service offerings, drive new revenue, and grow their businesses. We commit to their success and support you through any situation that may arise.

As a partner, you get MORE.

We share priceless workforce insights that enable you to better serve (and sell) your clients.

We help you close and keep your clients with marketing support and sales engineers that handle your demos and show off the features of the product.

We assist in transitioning your team and clients to isolved, quickly and painlessly.

We help you and your clients master isolved via the isolved University, which has online training, workshops, and articles.

We help you rapidly expand your service offerings, drive new revenue, and grow your business. We commit to your success and support you throughout the process.

We connect you to other isolved partners, priceless insights, and opportunities.

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