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How Technology Can Make or Break Your Next Deal

07 July, 2021

Human capital management (HCM) technology is constantly evolving, and clients are expecting your service bureau to keep up. In fact, data from isolved’s Transforming Employee Experience report reveals that the need for a broader human resources (HR) technology platform is the top reason wh...

Tips for Service Bureaus: Approaching HCM as a Marathon—Not a Sprint

09 June, 2021

Whether you’re an administrative services organization (ASO) or a professional employer organization (PEO), you’re used to helping your customers adapt. You understand new regulations overnight. You respond to crises in real time. You learn new software and then immediately train others. You seek lo...

3 Ways for PEOs to Win More Business

02 June, 2021

As small- or medium-sized businesses, your prospective clients may have encountered obstacles when considering and evaluating professional employer organizations (PEO). Concerns about pricing transparency, employee experience and the downplaying of earned success could all be standing in their way o...

Helping Clients Achieve Their 2021 Goals with HR Tech

05 April, 2021

Someone clicking on Goals on a screen

Nearly half of businesses are looking to switch service bureaus within the next year according to data from isolved’s Transforming Employee Experience report. The driving force behind those who are looking to make a change is the need for a broader technology platform. Technology plays a critic...

What Should You Expect from An HCM Provider?

16 February, 2021

Person on laptop writing reviews and leaving a 5 star review

The top reason why businesses will be looking to switch their professional employer organization (PEO),  administrative service organization (ASO) or payroll provider in the next 12 months is because of a need for broader human resources (HR) technology. This data, from isolved’s Tran...