Is Poor HR Tech Creating a Retention Problem?

28 September, 2022

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As someone who works with employers every day, you undoubtedly understand how critical employee retention is—and how increasingly difficult it has become. Despite fears of a recession, workers continue to quit their jobs at record highs and hiring managers are feeling the pressure. According to isol...

PEO Predictions for 2023

16 December, 2022

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What does the future hold for the PEO industry? We provide insight into the trends on our radar to help you navigate the year ahead. Maintaining staff will become more challenging (and more critical) Burnout, a record number of resignations and a reprioritization of employee values have contributed...

How to Show Clients You Appreciate Them After a Year Like 2020

08 December, 2020

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The relationships between employers and third-party service providers such as payroll providers and Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) became more important than ever in 2020. In fact, both Administrative Service Organizations (ASO) and PEOs have been critical in helping b...

Address Top HR Trends to Help Your Clients Succeed

03 February, 2023


If business leaders have learned anything the past few years, it’s to expect the unexpected. The pandemic, a wave of resignations and a sluggish economy have made it challenging to maintain a workforce capable of sustaining operations. In response, employers have adopted a reactive approach. Your cl...

Compliance Corner: How to Support Employees Amid the Russia-Ukraine Crisis

25 March, 2022


The Russia-Ukraine crisis has been making headlines across news programs and social media sites for weeks, which is having a negative impact on many people’s mental health. Since feelings of sadness, anxiety and stress can follow employees into the workplace, many employers may be questioning if the...