3 Ways to Help Clients Create Their HR Dream Team

Friday February 17th, 2023

You may have heard the word “maturity” used to quantify an organization’s level of sophistication when it comes to human capital management (HCM). An organization with a high-level of HCM maturity is one that is more successful in retaining the best talent, boosting productivity through better engagement and reducing operating costs. It’s not determined by the size of the organization or the skill of the professionals—rather, maturity is measured by how efficient and aligned HR processes are with business objectives.

Regardless of where your clients fall on the maturity spectrum, the technology you provide can help them improve HR processes and overall business outcomes. The right solution can significantly impact performance—helping a team of one function like a team of five, a team of five function like a team of 25 and so on.

Here’s how you can help clients create their HR Dream Team, regardless of headcount:

Streamline processes through automation.

HCM technology automates core, day-to-day functions such as payroll and HR management, and connects it with other, more complex HR tasks—hiring, onboarding, workforce management, scheduling and more. With automation, HR teams can reduce errors and redundancies while accomplishing more.

Self-service capabilities within an HCM platform enable employees to perform tasks like managing personal information, viewing and printing check stubs and W-2s, enrolling in benefits and more from any device. In addition to boosting employee engagement, self-service frees up time for the HR team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Automation sharpens the effectiveness of the HR dream team, acting as a multiplier of their time. It provides the ability to scale operations without having to increase headcount and costs.

Enable data-driven decision making.

When information is centralized within a single solution, there is a more comprehensive view of individual employees and the workforce. By analyzing this data, your clients can uncover trends in employment and model the likely outcomes of future decisions. With analytics, your clients can build smarter schedules, shorten the time to hire, identify trends that affect turnover, detect areas of non-compliance and much more.

Intelligently connected HCM technology enables organizations to leverage their data to work smarter, not harder. As a result, the HR dream team becomes more responsive, strategic and data driven.

Empower them to move from operational to strategic HR.

Armed with automated processes and deep analytical insight, the HR dream team can now become a strategic advisor to the leadership team. They can provide guidance on key areas like reducing costs, improving employee experience and retaining the best employees.

Your clients’ HR dream teams can make the shift from being viewed as an operational cost center to a strategic agent of change, finally claiming their seat at the proverbial executive table.

Are your clients on the road to HCM maturity?

Find out by accessing our HCM Maturity Model, a proven approach to maturing HR practices so HR teams can become dream teams, meeting the needs of today’s workforce.

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Susan Prebola

Content Marketing Manager