Innovative and unified HCM technology that handles payroll, time tracking, compliance, benefits enrollment, talent acquisition and management in a single platform, with regular product enhancements to ensure you have the leading edge.

isolved is an all-in-one platform that handles it all: payroll, time, benefits enrollment, and HR. It’s easy to pick and choose the components your clients need or offer the full HCM solution. We also provide additional services designed to simplify the day-to-day and eliminate importing/exporting and other time-consuming tasks that come with using multiple systems.

With 5 million employees and 100,000 employers+ on the system, isolved is the #1 mid-market HCM solution for the small-to-midsized employer.


For service bureaus who want to focus in on the tradition payroll service offering, isolved is the perfect option. Payroll is the foundation of isolved and can be sold as a payroll solution, allowing you to add HR, time, or talent later if desired.

The isolved payroll processing technology was built from the ground up, making it easier than ever to deliver accurate paychecks, every time. Secure, cloud-based servers provide unlimited flexibility, with built-in payroll tax filing features that end the multi-state, multi-location tax filing nightmare. It’s also easy to handle garnishments, direct deposit, and other challenges payroll professionals face.

Human Resources

The HR functionality in the isolved platform is ideal for your PEO clients, simplifying your role in the management of human resources functionality.

Your clients can input, store, and report all types of employee data with isolved. Setting up alerts, pulling compliance reports, viewing employee accrual balances, and tracking certifications is easier than ever.

The isolved HR module can also help your clients track mandated trainings or review the ROI associated with trainings. Information needed to make promotion decisions and disciplinary moves is all available in a single system. isolved HR also allows you to track awards and company assets, such as keys, company vehicles, and even laptops.


Offering an online employee benefits enrollment system saves time and results in improved employee engagement. Your clients and their employees receive consistent communication, helping them navigate enrollment with ease as they compare options and make educated choices.

The isolved Benefits Enrollment module offers streamlined open enrollment with real-time integration. Carrier-specific reports and an automated process simplify tasks for everyone involved. Built-in tools like a life-event wizard and benefit cost analysis boost employee satisfaction as they make decisions about coverage.


The isolved Time and Attendance module makes it easy to track, manage, and process time for your entire workforce, even with remote/mobile employees and multiple locations. isolved Time allows your clients to choose the data collection that works best – online, with a time clock, or with the isolved GO mobile app. Built-in features simplify comp time tracking and management, which can reduce the costly burden of overtime pay by offering PTO in exchange for overtime hours worked.

isolved Time has a number of time clock options, including clocks with biometric scanners, along with tracking features like shift differentials, rules-driven pay policies, labor allocations, flexible time-rounding rules, and meal and break tracking. Error alerts make it easy to address and resolve issues. Overtime and premiums will no longer cause headaches for your clients.

The isolved HCM technology makes it possible to have an all-in-one platform that handles it all: payroll, time, benefits enrollment, and HR

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