Help Your Clients Move to Paperless Employee Benefits Enrollment

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The isolved Network takes payroll service bureaus, PEOs, and ASOs to the next level.

Benefits enrollment and managing employee benefits is a complex task that HR and benefit managers spend a considerable amount of time on throughout the year. isolved People Cloud includes online enrollment software to help your clients streamline the entire benefits enrollment process – for their HR teams and their employees. The isolved benefits enrollment system enables your clients to easily setup benefit plans once, driving enrollment and deductions throughout the system. In addition, isolved connects with carriers to ensure all life events are properly communicated to the carrier — on time.

One Source for HR, Payroll and Benefits Enrollment Software

As a partner of the isolved Network, you can offer your clients a more comprehensive HCM solution that enables them to manage critical HR, payroll and benefits enrollment tasks from a single platform. Providing your clients with a broader HR solution with top-notch benefits enrollment capabilities to meet their needs today and as they grow increases client loyalty and retention. It also helps you establish a competitive advantage and allows you to move upstream and enter new markets to grow your business.

isolved Benefits Enrollment Software Features

isolved Benefits Enrollment Software offers your clients the ability to control costs, manage compliance requirements, and provide an engaging, mobile-friendly benefits experience to their employees.

Reducing the amount of time spent on the benefits enrollment process, our software eliminates the typical strain that is placed on your client’s administrative and HR teams and enables their employees to access what they need, when they need it.

Here are just a few of the features your clients will enjoy:

Online enrollment, made easy.

Our modular benefit enrollment system is everything your clients need – and nothing they don't.

Simplified Benefits Administration

The isolved Benefits Enrollment solution handles all compliance and eligibility requirements for ACA and COBRA, , and offers support for FSA, HRA, transit, parking, tuition, and lifestyle benefits all within a simple benefits enrollment portal.

Online Enrollment from Any Mobile Device

Enrolling in PEO and ASO benefits programs is a quick and simple process through an online benefits enrollment portal that is built to accommodate mobile devices, meaning that employees can gain access to their benefits information from any location.

Benefits Enrollment Tracking

Managers and administrators can gain insight into which employees have enrolled and where they are in the overall benefits enrollment process.

isolved Online Benefits Enrollment Software Solutions

When partnering with the isolved Network, you create a competitive advantage by offering a single platform to manage HR, payroll and benefits enrollment, and helping your clients reduce the time they spend on HR administrative tasks. The isolved Network provides the robust client facing technology plus powerful back office functionality, and the sales, marketing and training support you need to be successful.

Discover how partnering with the isolved Network can help your future-proof and accelerate your business.