Employee Onboarding Software Solutions

Welcoming new employees and getting them up and running quickly by avoiding paperwork bottlenecks or lengthy onboarding processes is important to making a positive first impression. It is also important for team building and improving overall performance and productive. That’s why your clients will love isolved People Cloud that includes tools to Onboard & Develop employees. With isolved Onboard & Develop, your clients can simplify the new hire process by eliminating paperwork and redundancy from the employee onboarding process.

Benefits of offering Onboarding Software Solutions

As a partner of the isolved Network, you can offer your clients a more comprehensive HCM solution that includes industry-leading onboarding functionality. Providing your clients with a broader HR solution with onboarding and offboarding tools to meet their needs today and as they grow increases client loyalty and retention. It also helps you establish a competitive advantage and allows you to move upstream and enter new markets to grow your business.

Onboarding Features Your Clients Will Love

The isolved onboarding technology offers a variety of features that make our employee onboarding software an attractive choice for many businesses:

  • Onboarding Self-Service – new hires can enter information directly into isolved, avoiding duplicate data entry and improving data accuracy
  • Customizable Onboarding Tools – your clients can customize the tools to collect as little or as much information as they want
  • Documentation Capture and Management – seamlessly manage all new hire documentation, including I-9 employment verification and e-Verify
  • Mobile Friendly – clients and their new hires can manage the entire onboarding process on the go while managing other tasks and have full functionality even from remote locations
  • Easy to Navigate – designed with a simple UI for productivity and ease of use
  • Engaging Experience for New Hires – provides a welcoming environment for new hires when they first arrive and sets the precedent for smooth integration

isolved’s onboarding technology helps your clients establish a fast, simple and seamless onboarding process that eliminates paper, bottlenecks and time-consuming tasks.

isolved Employee Onboarding Software Solutions

When partnering with the isolved Network, you create a competitive advantage by offering a single platform to manage HR, payroll, benefits and talent, including onboarding tools to help them make a positive and lasting first impression on new employees. The isolved Network provides the robust client-facing technology plus powerful back office functionality, and the sales, marketing and training support you need to be successful.

Discover how partnering with the isolved Network can help your future-proof and accelerate your business