Talent Acquisition and Performance Management

Securing and retaining dependable and talented employees is one of the hardest challenges companies face today. With the right talent management tools, companies can secure and retain the talent needed to succeed. isolved’s talent management tools help your clients set targets and goals that promote stable growth and scaled opportunity. With effective talent management software, your clients can access a full suite of talent management tools that help track KPI, promote continuous employee development, manage compensation, and enable them to stay on top of everything from learning and skill advancement to valuable skills, training, and reward tracking.

Benefits of Offering Talent Management Software

As a partner of the isolved Network, you can offer your clients a more comprehensive HCM solution that includes industry-leading Talent Management functionality. By providing your clients with a broader HR solution that includes applicant tracking, onboarding and offboarding, and employee engagement and performance management tools, you can help them meet their needs today and as they grow, increasing loyalty and retention. It also helps you establish a competitive advantage and allows you to move upstream and enter new markets to grow your business

Attracting the Right Applicants

solved’s Attract & Hire applicant tracking simplifies the hiring process and enables your clients to recruit highly talented individuals quickly before they are swept up by competitors. With one click your clients can submit job postings to hundreds of job boards, improve the application experience, and attract better candidates. When your clients utilize the Attract & Hire solution that is part of isolved’s talent management solutions, it helps reduce the time it takes to hire new employees and ensures that they find qualified and talented applicants quickly.

Onboarding New Talent

Help your clients save valuable time while providing new employees with a positive first impression by moving paper-based, manual onboarding processes online with isolved’s Onboard & Develop solution. New hires are excited to dive in, and your clients are excited to have them on board. The best thing they can do is eliminate delays and bottlenecks in getting new employees up and running by utilizing isolved Onboard & Develop to automate and streamline onboarding.

Managing Engagement and Performance

isolved People Cloud also offers employee engagement and performance management tools through the Share & Perform solution, helping your clients to:

  • Manage employee goals. Input and track goals for employees by implementing workstreams that outline the steps towards target acquisition.
  • Track performance reviews. Monitor productivity and efficiency and discover ways to support your employees with preloaded review templates.
  • Increase employee engagement. Connect with employees and fuel their desire to achieve by recognizing their importance to the overall goals of your organization.

isolved Talent Management Software

When partnering with the isolved Network, you create a competitive advantage by offering a single platform to manage HR, payroll, benefits and talent while increasing employee engagement, productivity and retention. The isolved Network provides the robust client-facing technology plus powerful back office functionality, and the sales, marketing and training support you need to be successful.

Discover how partnering with the isolved Network can help your future-proof and accelerate your business