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Tracey Lueken-Burds

VP, Partner Success

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Headshot of Tracey Lueken-Burds, isolved Network Leadership

Tracey is the Vice President of Partner Success for the isolved Network. She is responsible for leading the team that onboards new Certified Network Partners to the isolved platform, as well as for the Partner Success team that acts as a strategic business level resource for our Certified Network Partners to ensure they are getting the most value out of their partnership with isolved.

Tracey brings over 25 years in the payroll and HCM space to this role, which she entered in January of 2020. As a member of the APA and IPPA, as well as a Certified Payroll Professional, Tracey understands the needs of Network Partners and their clients.

Prior to joining the Network, she served as the partner and director of client services at HK Payroll Services, which was acquired by isolved HCM in May of 2019. Her background in payroll operations has proved immensely beneficial for Network Partners.