Win More and Grow Faster this Selling Season

Wednesday October 11th, 2023

Prime payroll selling season is upon us. To meet and exceed quotas, your sales team needs to understand what prospects are looking for and how to appeal to them.  

From data gleaned from our third annual HR Leaders Report (results of a survey of 500+ HR professionals), we know that more than a quarter of organizations plan to invest in the following HR technologies this year: benefits enrollment, HR analytics, performance reviews, learning management systems and workforce scheduling.

To set your service bureau up for a stellar year, here’s a refresher of the top, most-wanted HCM technologies according to HR decision makers.

Benefits enrollment

If your clients have been asking for technology to streamline benefits enrollment and administration, you are not alone. According to our survey of PEO, ASO and payroll service provider business leaders, it is the most requested technology by clients. If your organization is in the 80 percent of service bureaus that offer the technology, now is the time to promote it, especially with open enrollment upon us.

Your clients can reap many benefits from intelligently connected benefits enrollment technology. A poor benefits enrollment experience has a negative impact on employee retention. A rich platform relieves the administrative burden for your clients, while enhancing the employee experience. Employees can research, select and enroll in the benefits that suit them without having to rely on HR.

HR analytics

Almost a quarter of HR leaders say analytics could help them do their job better and 40 percent say they plan on investing in it. But there’s a good chance you aren’t offering it. According to our PEO, ASO and payroll provider survey, only 24 percent offer predictive analytics and only 14 percent offer benchmark insights. You and your clients can gain a competitive advantage in this area.

Analytics in the workforce is hot right now and for good reason. With predictive analytics, HR teams can use the data they collect to identify trends that affect turnover, shorten their time to hire, uncover areas of non-compliance and more. With benchmarking insights, your clients can see position-specific industry averages for salary, tenure and turnover so they can stay ahead of the competition.

Performance reviews

Thirty-four percent of HR leaders have put technology to support performance reviews on their must-have list. The review process is an important part of the employee experience but is a source of dread for many employers and employees. Despite being in demand, only 55 percent of PEO, ASO and payroll providers offer performance management solutions.

Performance management technology alleviates the administrative burden associated with performance reviews. Benefits include custom rating capabilities, annual rating automation and cross-team goal visibility. With a robust solution, your clients can ensure that the review process is running uniformly throughout the organization.

Learning management systems

Right behind performance management on the list of solutions offered by PEO, ASO and payroll providers is learning management, with 53 percent offering the technology. Employees demand opportunities to learn and grow from their employers and learning management technology fits the bill.

In today’s tight labor market, learning management helps employers train/cross train their workforces while building upon their existing competencies. Your clients can set customized career paths for their employees, while conducting mandatory training to meet regulatory requirements.

Workforce scheduling

Ensuring the right number of workers are scheduled for the right shifts is a challenge for many employers. It’s likely the reason why 35 percent of HR leaders say workforce analytics around scheduling could help them do their job better – and why a quarter of HR professionals will invest in workforce scheduling technology this year.

Workforce scheduling technology can help organizations optimize staffing and solve many scheduling issues. Flexible scheduling enables managers to create, modify and view employee schedules, data insights help management predict staffing requirements, real-time communication enables shift swapping and approvals while supporting compliance.

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Susan Prebola

Content Marketing Manager