Outdated Benefits Enrollment is Bad for Business

Tuesday March 8th, 2022

According to isolved’s Benefits' Big Impact on Employee Experience report, 67 percent of the 800 employees surveyed said they find open enrollment stressful. That’s a big deal considering our recent survey of human resources leaders shows that 83 percent of organizations are prioritizing employee experience (EX) for 2022, and the benefits process is an important part of the employee life cycle.

Not only can a paper-based benefits enrollment system negatively affect your clients’ EX, but it can also add a heavy administrative burden because of time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. Inaccurate information is extremely difficult to track, and the amount of last-minute work involved in ensuring that benefit deductions are accurately reflected on payroll can be difficult for many organizations to manage.

While you may be helping your clients eliminate paper-based processes, if you are providing them with outdated technology, your clients may be putting up with inefficiency as opposed to thriving from a more robust system. The problem: you may not be aware of their dissatisfaction until it’s too late and they have left you for a provider that offers a more contemporary and efficient platform.

Provide a Better Enrollment Experience

If your clients aren’t using a modern, intelligently connected human capital management (HCM) platform, they are likely dealing with conflicting systems that don't allow their benefits enrollment and administration to integrate flawlessly with payroll, human resources (HR), and other core processes.

A cloud based HCM platform that combines these core HR processes simplifies and streamlines benefits enrollment, so your clients have more time to focus on furthering their goals.

  • Automation enables benefits entitlement to be calculated accurately based on employee information, and compliance regulations are handled swiftly without the need for manual input.
  • The platform responds as compliance and eligibility regulations change, always keeping your clients’ systems up to date.
  • Premiums are calculated automatically based on enrollment details and subtracted from payroll without error or delay.

What to Demand From a Benefits Enrollment Solution

Cloud-Based Mobile Accessibility from Any Device

Employees working remotely from home, those traveling abroad, or those in the field need uninterrupted access when away from the office. A modern benefits enrollment solution should provide this.

Self-Service Functionality

According to the previously mentioned employee survey, self-service functionality topped the list of ways employees say employers can improve the benefits enrollment experience. Employees expect the same ease and accessibility with the tools they use in the workplace as they do at home.

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Navigation and Time Savings

Setting up and managing employee benefits is an important and necessary process. Managers and employees alike need to be able to handle all aspects of benefits enrollment quickly and easily.

Payroll Integration Capability

Ditching multiple platforms for different processes enables a seamless flow of information that simplifies your clients' HCM responsibilities. With an intelligently connected platform, all the systems your clients need are integrated and automated.


Your clients need the ability to scale, and simplifying their benefits enrollment ensures that the platform will handle both rapid and gradual growth without placing additional strain on human resources.

Your clients deserve a benefits enrollment solution that streamlines process while boosting EX. That’s where isolved excels and being able to offer your clients isolved People Cloud as an isolved Network partner can differentiate you from your competition. Learn more about the advantages of becoming an isolved Network partner.

Tracey Lueken-Burds

Vice President, Partner Success