Employee Scheduling Software

Having to manually schedule employees for their shifts is time-consuming, resource-intensive and provides zero ROI for your clients. From overstaffing and understaffing to the inability to forecast labor costs, manual scheduling is far from productive and creates a significant burden for your clients.

As a partner in the isolved Network, you can provide your clients with access to isolved People Cloud, an end-to-end human capital management (HCM) platform that includes employee scheduling functionality to provide your clients with useful tools that help them schedule employees more efficiently and eliminate many of the common errors that manual methods can produce. isolved enables your clients to create schedules and determine employee availability quickly, as well as set rules that can help your clients take a more calculated approach to shift coverage and better meet the needs of their growing organizations.

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Benefits of the isolved Network

isolved Network partners have a distinct competitive advantage because they can offer their clients the tools and technology to meet their HR needs now and as they grow. The isolved Network helps PEOs, ASOs and payroll service bureaus grow and protect their business by providing your clients a comprehensive HCM platform that sets them up for success.

Help your Clients Increase Productivity with Employee Scheduling Software

The employee scheduling capabilities of isolved People Cloud enable your clients to manage scheduling and shift assignments easier than ever. Within the platform, managers and supervisors can create schedules and assign shifts, develop permission rules and eligibility requirements, set up and approve shift coverage requests, and more to improve efficiency and employee productivity. Instant scheduling alerts will keep management aware of any discrepancies and enable fast resolution to maintain effective schedules.

Increase accuracy.
Remove clients’ stress of manual data entry for payroll and ensure their labor law compliance by automating schedules and easily accessing data for each employee.

Reduce staffing challenges.
Eliminate overstaffing and understaffing by creating schedules with permission rules, eligibility requirements and alerts.

Organize talent.
Provide your clients with the right people for the right projects and allow them to monitor performance to ensure that scheduling aligns with their business goals.

Forecast labor costs.
Help your clients identify their required workforce on a per-job basis using live data from efficient calendars, enabling them to determine future project costs.

Streamline PTO.
Simplify time off and shift change processes by enabling employees to submit requests. Managers can easily validate and approve without manual review.

Edit Calendars easily.
Make fast alterations to calendars to accommodate end client requirements, employee absences and last-minute shift changes.

Access on-the-go.
View data, make scheduling alterations, approve requests, and more from any mobile device whether in the office or out in the field.

Flexible and Customizable Work Scheduling Software

Our advanced work scheduling software makes scheduling easier for your clients and removes the burden of manual processes. This means building flexible elements into our platform to accommodate the individual needs of your clients and give them a personalized solution. Regardless of the industry or company type, isolved Scheduling can be customized for specific requirements and drastically improve your clients’ shift scheduling process.

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Employee Shift Scheduling Software & More

When partnering with the isolved Network, you leverage the ability to give your clients access to a unified human capital management platform that covers all their human resource needs – including employee scheduling – and allows you to dominate the competition.

We value our partners and understand their success is our success. We offer robust back office functionality, sales and marketing support, and hands-on training, all to give you a competitive advantage.

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