Companies are using our HCM tools more creatively than ever — and thriving — even amid crisis.

Our people-management tools are beneficial in times like this.

We're seeing all the creative ways businesses are using isolved and its employee-focused tools to manage and support their people while working from home. Right now, isolved is helping users overcome previously unimaginable business challenges and their workforces are thriving.

Your clients can accelerate their digital transformation and position their organizations for success and growth in the post-COVID economy, thanks to powerful employee tools built into the HCM platform.

A novel virus demands new ways of doing things.

Here's how companies are using our HCM tools to keep their workforces winning today; producing, progressing…and happy.

isolved Applicant Tracking is enabling onboarding from anywhere.

Our new-employee tool simplifies the hiring process and increases the efficiency of talent acquisition and applicant tracking. Our app eliminates paperwork and redundancy from the employee onboarding process, reducing time to hire and cost per hire.

isolved LMS is making remote training and continued upskilling easy.

Our complete e-learning solution makes training possible everywhere. Bite-size chunks of personalized content are delivered where employees live—online and on their smartphones. Today, companies are using isolved LMS to roll out new policies, procedural changes, and restart activities. It's being used to keep companies compliant with fast-changing regulations and new legislation. And the LMS is helping CEOs communicate more consistently with every one of their employees.

isolved Talent Identification and Nurturing is keeping teams tight-knit, even from home.

Our team-building tool systematically drives employee engagement and keeps team bonds strong (even if the office lights are still out) with collaboration tools, surveys, a lively feed wall, goal setting and performance management, continuous feedback, rewards and recognition, and personalized dashboards. isolved is being used right now to accommodate high productivity and execution from home. Some companies are even using isolved to actively build culture and employee connections with cross-functional and organization-wide games.

The isolved Network is an ecosystem of partners who provide the isolved solution to their clients. Those in the Network get a true partnership with a company that responds quickly to your needs and the needs of your clients. The Network provides you with game-changing HCM cloud-based software and employee tools, so you can focus on what you do best – serving your clients.

isolved handles:

  • Payroll
  • Time
  • HR
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Learning Management
  • Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
  • Engagement

isolved is everything your clients need to succeed, today and into the future.

Find out how membership in the isolved Network benefits your clients and your business.