For service bureaus who want to focus in on the tradition payroll service offering, iSolved is the perfect option. Payroll is the foundation of iSolved and can be sold as a payroll solution, allowing you to add HR, time, or talent later if desired.

The iSolved payroll processing technology was built from the ground up, making it easier than ever to deliver accurate paychecks, every time. Secure, cloud-based servers provide unlimited flexibility, which built-in payroll tax filing features end the multi-state, multi-location tax filing nightmare. It’s also easy to handle garnishments, direct deposit, and other challenges payroll professionals face.

The #1 Workforce Management Platform That Makes Work Easier

Payroll + Benefits Enrollment + Time & Attendance + Human Resources data all in one platform and ready for access. You'll love having your important, commonly needed, mission-critical employee data in one place.

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Don't just take our word for it:

"Our representative has conducted two demos for our team in the past week and she is a rock star. Her knowledge of iSolved is superior, but it is her real life experience as an HR administrator and her incredible preparation for each call that makes her truly exceptional. She connects with our prospects in a way that they respect because they understand that she has walked a day in their shoes."