Compliance Tools for HR Professionals

Adhering to state and federal laws surrounding labor is a key function of any organization’s HR department – in fact, it’s arguably the most crucial function and commands a significant amount of focus. Your client’s HR compliance is necessary and ensures that employees are treated in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. HR regulatory compliance can be a business nightmare without a streamlined method of ensuring that an organization checks all of the right boxes. isolved simplifies your client’s HR compliance process with dedicated HR compliance software that boasts a full suite of strategic compliance tools.

Benefits of Offering Compliance Tools

As a partner of the isolved Network, you can offer clients access to an all-in-one HCM solution. With all the tools to meet your client’s compliance needs and more housed in one platform, you can offer more than the competition and gain a competitive advantage. Your clients will appreciate access to a single source platform to manage their HR, payroll, benefits, talent and compliance needs. The isolved Network will equip you with the HCM platform to help protect and grow your business.

How isolved Helps Your Clients Stay Compliant

The isolved platform includes functionality to help your clients capture, manage and report on all voluntary and required data for EEO, FLSA, FMLA, ACA & ADA. It also enables your clients to easily track PTO and vacation accrual, provide self-service tools for your employees, store job records, manage salary and benefits details, as well as track training and performance reviews. Real-time access to critical compliance data and the ability to quickly generate reports to meet regulatory requirements makes staying compliant much easier for your clients. And in the event of a compliance audit, you and your clients will always be prepared with isolved HR compliance software.

isolved has an internal legislative compliance team whose focus is to closely monitor everchanging regulations at the local, state and federal level. When new or updated requirements develop, isolved ensures our software is updated in a timely and accurate manner so you and your clients can rely on isolved to meet ongoing compliance needs

When partnering with the isolved Network, you can offer your clients an HR solution that includes reliable and continuously updated compliance tools to help reduce the amount of time and effort required to prepare for audits, as well as save them from the negative consequences associated with noncompliance. The isolved Network provides the robust client-facing technology plus powerful back office functionality, and the sales, marketing and training support you need to be successful.

Discover how partnering with the isolved Network can help your future-proof and accelerate your business.