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iSolved Tax

iSolved Tax eliminates the hassle of managing tax regulations, along with extensive importing, exporting, and balancing. With iSolved Tax, payroll taxes will be easier and more accurate than ever. Plus, users will save hours in the process. iSolved Tax provides up to a 40% reduction in labor time compared to ax systems outside of iSolved.

When using iSolved Tax, your service bureau will save time on many tax management tasks:

  • Less Exports

    Less Exports

    Eliminate the need to create and export a tax file at least once a day

  • Less Imports

    Won't need to import a file into current tax software

  • Easier Quarters

    No need to export tax files at the end of the quarter

  • Self-Balancing

    Eliminate balancing total numbers in external tax software vs. totals in iSolved

  • Automatic Adjustments

    No more manual adjustments in multiple software programs

  • Client Management

    Won't need to set up clients in both programs

  • Single Ledger

    Eliminate the time-consuming task of balancing the conversion payroll tax numbers in two places

  • Easy Reference

    Simply reference iSolved Tax when trying to solve a tax issue

Learn more about iSolved Tax or view an overview of the features by contacting Christina Theokary at